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Size Guide

Not sure what size to buy? Our sizing guide has helpful information on sizing your Waist Trainer (A), Shorts (B), and Bodysuit (C).


A. Waist Trainer Approximate Measurements 

We recommend using your usual top size as a guideline. 

If your top size is NZ/AU size 4 (US 0) go for the NZ/AU size 4/6 (US 0 - 2)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 6 (US 2) go for the NZ/AU size 4/6 (US 0 - 2)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 8 (US 4) go for the NZ/AU size 6/8 (US 2 - 4)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 10 (US 6) go for the NZ/AU size 8/10 (US 4 - 6)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 12 (US 8) go for the NZ/AU size 10/12 (US 6 - 8)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 14 (US 10) go for the NZ/AU size 12/14 (US 8 - 10)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 16 (US 12) go for the NZ/AU size 14/16 (US 10 - 12) 

If your top size is NZ/AU size 18 (US 14) go for the NZ/AU size 16/18 (US 12 - 14)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 20 (US 16) go for the NZ/AU size 18/20 (US 14 - 16)

If your top size is NZ/AU size 22 (US 18) go for the NZ/AU size 20/22 (US 16 - 18)


If you do not know your usual top size, you can refer to the measurements in the table below...



How To Measure


Please Note:

1. If you have bought a pack with the Flexi and Latex Trainer, the Flexi Trainer will look smaller than the latex due to the fabric being more elasticated, the Latex Trainer will look bigger than the Flexi Trainer.
The Latex can also feel "bigger" as the latex material is more fitted. 

2. For sizes 12+ we generally recommend latex clip or latex zip due to the material being stronger and more supportive.

3. Please ensure you have carefully selected your size as the item can only be exchanged if the item has been tried on and NOT WORN due to the nature of the product (undergarment). We have the right to return your item after inspection if it is not in brand new condition. For more information, please refer to our exchange policy or terms and conditions.


B. Body Sculpturing Shorts

(measurements are all in CM)
*L = length
**W = width (circumference of thigh)
M 31.5 42.8 18
L 34 43.6 18.5
XL 36.5 44.4 19
2XL 39 45.2 19.5
3XL 41.5 46 20



C. Figure Slimming Bodysuit

(measurements are all in CM)
*LH = Lower Hem
M 40 34 40.5
L 42 36 42.5
XL 44 38 44.5
2XL 46 40 46.5
3XL 48 42 48.5